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Nursery Rhymes: «This little pig»

Nursery Rhymes: «Mary had a little lamb»

Nursery Rhymes: «Two little dicky birds»

Nursery Rhymes: «Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe»

Nursery Rhymes: «One, two, buckle my shoe»

Nursery Rhymes: «Round and round the garden»

Nursery Rhymes: «Teddy bear, teddy bear»

Nursery Rhymes: «I’m a little teapot»

Equality in Education

Do you think everybody has the same opportunities in our educational system?

Thunderwords or Thunderclaps from James Joyce

Joyce creating one of his thunderwords

James Joyce was a very famous Irish writter. He created ones of the longest words in English, and he called them «thunderwords», words of more than a hundred letters.

If you want to know more about Thunderwords, follow this link:

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