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Some interesting books about Britain

During the summer you can read some books lo learn English and a lot of things about Bristish culture, history, literature, daily life… There are here some titles:

  • James O’Driscoll, Britain for Learners of English, Oxford University Press, 2014.
  • John Randle, Understanding Britain, Oxford, Blackwell.
  • E.M. Forster, A Passage to India (film and book).
  • Evelyn Waug, Brideshead Revisited (film and book).
  • Willy Russell, Educating Rita (film and book), about how Open University classes changed the life of a working-class woman.
  • Charles Dickesn, A Chritsmas Carol.
  • Paul Scott, The Raj Quartet, also set in India.
  • Paul Theroux, The Kingdom by the Sea.
  • Suart Maconie, Pies and Prejudice. In Search of the North, about what the northerners feel about themselves.
  • Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights.
  • Graham Swift, Waterland.
  • Hughes and Tudgill, English Accents and Dialects, Edward Arnold.
  • Kate Fox, Watching the English, Hodder &Stoughton.
  • Nigel Barley, Native Land, Penguin.
  • Georges Mikes, How to be an Alien, How to be Inimitable, How to be Decadent (Penguin), three humorous books.
  • Bill Bryson, Notes from a Small Island, Britain seen by an outsider.
  • A.A. Gill, The Angry Island.
  • Jeremy Paxman, The English.
  • Antony Jay & Jonathan Lynn, Yes, Prime Minister (BBC Books and TV series).
  • Sue Townsend, The Queen and I, a fantasy in which the Queen has a dream about her country becoming a republic.
  • Kenneth Harris, The Queen, Orion.
  • Antony Jay, Elizabeth R.: The Role of the Monarchy Today, BBC Books.
  • Andrew Morton, Diana, Her True Story; Diana, Her New Life, Michael O’Mara Books Ltd.
  • Crime and detective stories: Colin Dexter, P.D. James, Ruth Rendell, A. Christie…
  • Raymond Seitz, Over here.
  • Philippe Daudy, Les Anglais.
  • Beppe Severgnini, An Italian in Britain.
  • Harry Ritchie, The Last Pink Bits, Sceptre, 1998.
  • Kingsley Amis, Lucky Jim.
  • David Lodge, Small World.
  • Tom Sharpe, Wilt.
  • Malcolm Bradbury, Howard Jacobson.
  • Delia Smith, cookery writer.

English culture: the Union Jack

The Union Jack is the national flag of the UK. It is a combination of the cross of St. George (the patron saint of England), the cross of St. Andrew (the patron saint of Scotland) and the cross of St. Patrick (the patron saint of Northern Ireland)

St. George’s Cross

The Saint Andrew’s Cross

The St. Patrick’s Cross

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland includes Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. The symbol of Wales is the red dragon or dragon of Cadwallader.

The Dragon of Cadwallader, symbol of Wales