In English we have an important number of reduplicating words, like dilly-dally («perder tel tiempo, entretenerse»), shilly shally (being undecided: shill I, shall I), willy-nilly (by compulsion: will I, nill I), zig-zag, ding dong, ping-pong, tic tac toe (juego del tres en raya), hip hop When we’re children, we learn to talk repeating syllables: mama, dada, bye-bye, wee-wee… Reduplicating words are very normal in nursery rhymes and fairy stories: Chicken Licken, Henny Penny, Goosey Loosey, Turkey Lurkey, Foxy Loxy, Hen Len

Reduplication can be use as a way of fun or a way of emphasise the meaning of a word: pitter-patter, riff-raff, knick-knack, chit-chat, criss-cross, sing-song, happy-clappy, oogly-boogly