The Kingdom of four nations, that is, Great Britain.

The English flag is St. George’s Cross. The Welsh flag is the Dragon Cadwallader. The Scottish flag is St. Andrew’s Cross. The Ireland flag is St. Patrick’s Cross. The Lion Rampant also represents Scotland, like the thistle (=cardo). The plant that symbolize England is the rose. The symbolic plants of Wales are the leek (=puerro) an the daffodil (=narciso). And the plant that symbolize Ireland is the shamrock (=trébol).


By colors, white represents England, orange represents Wales, blue represents Scotland and green represents Ireland.

The patron saint’s day of England is 23 April (St. George). Of Wales, 1 March (St. David). Of Scotland, 30 November (St. Andrew). Of Ireland, 17 March (St. Patrick).